Viking Offer for Beginners (A1-B2)

per month

FOUR LEVEL INTENSIVE COURSE PACKAGE that will take you from 0 (A1) to fluent (B2) speaker in only 6 months!

The course package includes the following intensive levels:

– A1.1, A1.2

– A2.1, A2.2

– B1.1, B1.2 

– B2.1, B2.2

It promotes effective communication and helps to build learners’ confidence in speaking and writing Norwegian. 

In this course package you will:

  • Build a strong foundation in the Norwegian language that will enable you to communicate for understanding and have basic conversations across a variety of topics with proper employment of fundamental grammar rules.
  • Learn NATIVE Norwegian pronunciation (Oslo dialect)
  • Expand upon and enrich your grammatical capability; you will write about and discuss events and situations across a variety of tenses/points in time, being capable of drawing comparisons and using descriptive language to better convey meaning, understanding and opinion.
  • Learn to conduct interviews in Norwegian and have the listening/reading comprehension to engage in Norwegian media
  • Express themselves orally and in writing with increased creativity and complexity; focus is on communication for conveyance of feeling, intention and argument, not just for understanding
  • Centered attention on descriptive and explanatory speech, argumentative, debate-focused communication.

Small classes (between 5 to 12 students )

Total of 12 books
(3 books for each level, 2 parts for the grammar and one conversation book)

Speak Norsk's own online platform for follow-up, teachers assignment, tests and helpful additional materials

Flexible change of schedule and possibility of course postponement (Travel as you like!)


The duration of the course is 6 months


240 classroom-based hours (1h: 45 min)


included in the price


From 2999,- per month

2021 - 2022 schedule options