Who We Are.

We are passionate about language-learning and bringing to Oslo a new, innovative way of teaching Norwegian. Since the beginning, we have been known for our interactive conversational courses, own-written books, and something that it´s not quite common for the other schools – a personal approach and a customized offer for each of our students!

Our Team

Teachers manager and leading grammar specialist and writer at Speak Norsk. Students favorite teacher with over 50K views on her Facebook videos.

Dawan´s tip for the students: “You can understand something you have not learned but you cannot learn something you don’t understand. Keep asking and you will understand more and more!”

Jon Øistad

Jøn is one of our latest great additions to the Speak Norsk team. Students appreciate his broad cultural knowledge and passion for teaching Norwegian as a foreign language. His master degree in Comparative and International Education represents an important asset in understanding the relationship between education and society and between teaching practices and learning outcomes.

Maria is one of our most committed teachers with the ability to reach out to students and create a relationship of mutual trust with them. Currently she is leading our evening classes for all levels and teachers courses for companies. According to Maria, grammar can be fun and she will prove it to you!


Main grammar specialist at Speak Nork, Aurora represents a crucial part of our team. Her motivating attitude and smile are something our students value and appreciate when coming to class. She is experienced in teaching both beginners and C1 students, focusing on preparation for Norwegian exams, such as Norskprøve 3 and Bergenstest.


Torje is a valuable colleague and passionate teacher, with a broad experience in teaching our beginner Vikings his mother tongue. His background education in Norwegian language from University of Oslo gave him a great sense of understanding the challenge of learning Norwegian as a second language and he is glad to contribute to our students´daily progress in becoming fluent speakers.


Torje´s advice to the students: Try to make a Norwegian friend, to watch Norwegian TV. Try to remember words and listen to how words are pronounced. Everything is possible if you have the right mindset.

Hanne Skotte2

Over 20 years experience of varied and cross-cultural working experience while living and working in different countries. Former Norwegian language instructor in the USA. Currently at Speak Norsk Hanne is teaching both A and B levels for our daytime students. Friendly and kind, she has the right answer for all your grammar questions!

Johannes Svebak Johnsen

Johannes is a real Viking when it comes to conversation classes. His students are always impressed with their fast-learning and start understanding the Oslo dialect in just a couple of lessons.

Iga Lesniak

Mostly-known for her positive attitude and creative instructional methods, Iga is sure to make studying at Speak Norsk a memorable and enjoyable experience. At the moment, she is teaching our beginner Vikings, laying for them a solid foundation to transit to more advanced levels.


Bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian studies: Norwegian language and business

Former Norwegian language instructor for other private schools in Oslo.

Passionate about helping others pass Norskprøve examinations and easily approachable for any grammar questions (A1-A2)

IMG_1687 2

Stephanie was born and raised in Norway and is leading our conversation department. She is thrilled to be teaching Norwegian at Speak Norsk and share the passion for languages and culture with others. In her classes (A1-B2) you will focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and expressing yourself in Norwegian.

Beate Skorstad3

Experienced educational leader and teacher in various subjects, including Norwegian language.

Very considerate and thoughtful when it comes to creating a safe and pleasant atmosphere in class and a well-equipped team player.

Ermal Veliqi

Ermal´s notable conversational skills and passion for debating will draw into the class´s topics and make you forget about the time! He always prioritizes hearing out every opinion in class and has a wide experience coming up with easy explanations due to this background experience as a private teacher for different subjects, including Norwegian. 


Speaknorsk (18)

CEO & Founder


HR & Operations Manager



Always here to help you with any course inquiries at the school´s reception and online