Preparation for Norskprøve (B1-B2)

Norskprøve is the official Norwegian language test (written and oral) taken by expats that serves as a certification for their competences in the Norwegian language. The test is mainly used for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship in Norway, and can also be used as documentation of your Norwegian language skills to be presented to your employee.

Online: Complete Norskprøve B1-B2 preparation course and B1-B2 intensive levels (discounted)

Online: Norskprøve A2-B1 and B1-B2 preparation package (discounted)

Online: Norskprøve B1-B2 preparation course

This course is suitable for:

Students who have completed the B1 and B2 levels

Expats who need to pass Norskprøve (B1-B2)

Job-seekers or skill workers that want to get their dream-job or develop their work communication in Norway

Internationals who strive in becoming fluent Norwegian speakers