Preparation Course For Bergenstest


Preparation course for Bergenstest

Bergenstest is the highest Norwegian language examination, officially recognized as proof of language proficiency at B2/C1 level 

Speak Norsk´s preparation course is aimed to prepare those who wish to apply at any university with a Norwegian line of study and/or advance in their career level here in Norway. 


-You will be fully prepared for all four sections of the test – Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing


-You will learn everything you need to know to successfully pass Bergenstest. Including tips, tactics and templates to tackle every single question of the test!



The book used in the course was written by the same teachers who are leading the course.  It includes over 100 pages of test examples!


About the course

- Our preparation course for Bergenstest represents an intensive 6-weeks study plan meant to optimally prepare participants to pass the test with an efficient score. It comprises of 70 hours (60 classroom-based hours and 10 hours online), during which the students will review and solidify their knowledge in Norwegian by practicing written and oral assignments based on previous Bergenstest evaluations and on the exercises and assignments from the Speak Norsk book - Preparation for Bergenstest. Our materials for the class are specially written by our teachers following the same structure, contents and subjects of the actual test.

- In addition to the classroom sessions, students will get access to our online platform where they can practice more with the help of our pre-recorded lessons with the school´s favorite teachers.

This course is suitable for:

Expats who have completed B2 and C1 level

Expats who want to enrol to a Norwegian university

Job-seekers that want to get their dream-job in Norway (in the health sector, higher education sector)

Internationals who want to document their knowledge of Norwegian

Course description

  • Grammar/ writing comprehension practice
  • Listening comprehension practice
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • Follow up from the teacher about your progress and assignments
  • Feedback from teachers on written example assignments
  • Assignments specially adapted and relevant to your needs
  • Plenty of practice hours to guarantee 100% success in passing the test
  • Own-produced books customized to the Bergenstest requirements

Course outcomes

  • Reach a solid proficient level in Norwegian and successfully pass Bergenstest
  • Familiarize yourself with the types of assignments that will come up on the test
  • Be ready to apply at a Norwegian university and/or get your dream job in Norway (health, educational sector)

Course teacher

Jon Øistad
Education: Master in Compared Education; main grammar specialist for intermediate and advanced students at Speak Norsk. One of the writers of the Bergenstest preparation book.
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