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FOUR levels Intensive Course
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Speak Norsk’s conversation programs help you to communicate in everyday life through structured discussions, engaging activities and interactive quizzes and games—all led by highly trained Norwegian teachers.


(Conversation + Grammar)
Take our ALL IN ONE intensive program which combines our bestselling conversation program with our small-group course focused on speaking, grammar, pronunciation and writing. You'll be amazed at how easy our teaching methods are!


GRAMMAR MADE EASY: We know that studying the same dull textbooks over and over gets you nowhere. Join our SIMPLE and INTERESTING grammar classes, where our encouraging teachers use Speak Norsk's own materials.


Understand particular nuances of the Norwegian language and authentic word phrases.

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Private Norwegian language courses tailored to your needs.
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ABB, Vipps, and Bane NOR are proud to call us their provider of Norwegian language courses. How about your company?