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Marte has been a part of Speak Norsk from our early beginnings, writing and developing passionately our materials, along with other teachers, on a continuous basis, to make them interesting for the students, always up-to-date in terms of the information and comprising all the important rules and topics for the appropriate levels.

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Hannah Lekanger

Born in Oslo, Norway, our teacher Hannah Lekanger has proved Speak Norsk students that Bergen test can be easily passed! Being our main specialist in Norwegian grammar for intermediate students, Hannah will make sure you commit to your goal of speaking and writing like a fluent Norwegian!

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Dawan Wilairam

Our students´ favorite teacher - Dawan can do it all! From grammar for beginner levels to intensive examination preparations, Dawan is our students´ number one choice for private and course lessons, always caring for her students and inspiring them mutual trust, as well to become better each day by studying and practicing continuously. Most recently, she has become the star of our Youtube channel, Speak Norsk, where she answers students requested questions.

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With a degree in Translation and Interpreting, as well as wide range of experience in teaching English for children and adults, Nicoleta is one of our most trusted additions to the Speak Norsk team! She is currently teaching private English lessons and is always available to help you prepare for examinations, such as TOEFL, Cambridge or IELTS.

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Social, positive, with high understanding of Norwegian conversation and grammar topics, Camilla is teaching our students always with a smile, creating the most welcoming atmosphere in class through and genuine interest in preparing students to speak Norwegian like natives.

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Currently teaching A2, B1 and B2 level classes, Jørgen has been a great addition to our team, bringing along his professionalism as a colleague, excellence in teaching and his kindness that makes the students enjoy him as a leader of the class. Always ready to help others and make them learn Norwegian, Jørgen is the one to go to when in doubt!

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Iga Lesniak

Iga is one of our most memorable teachers; her positive attitude combined with her creative instructional methods, make studying at Speak Norsk an easy and meaningful process. She is currently teaching our beginner students, encouraging them to become better day by day in her evening classes!

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Our most committed grammar specialist - Dag has recently joined the Speak Norsk team and has already gained our trust as a valuable colleague and teacher. Certified by the University of Oslo, he is currently teaching our intermediate level students, preparing them for Bergen test and making sure they are on the right path to fluency in Norwegian. Whether it is writing materials or teaching standard/ private lessons, Dag will deliver the best quality of services.

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Johannes is one of our main conversation specialists. He prepares and delivers the most interactive classes and discussions, making students feel confident and motivated to speak in Norwegian. According to him, there is no better feeling than seeing students ́ progress from the first day of A1 class to the last day when they can easily maintain a dialogue and express themselves clearly in Norwegian.



One of the first teachers to join Speak Norsk school, Idar has become more than just a colleague in our educational community, but a dear friend. With excellent understanding of Norwegian grammar, a broad vocabulary and a remarkable attitude towards cultivating the students’ interest in Norwegian education, Idar interacts with students in such a manner that they always return to Speak Norsk for more classes and events.

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Born and raised in Oslo, Emma is one of our most committed teachers with the ability to reach out to students and create a relationship of mutual trust with them. At the moment she is teaching our weekend classes for A2 level and leading our Språkkafe events along with other specialists. Always improving herself by intensively preparing for her lessons, Emma is providing individualized instruction to each student, ensuring they all are ready to pass to the next level!

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