Online Courses

What are online courses at Speak Norsk?

Online courses are pre-recorded lessons, vocabulary lists, exercises, quizzes, and listening exercises. The course is 100% automated (self-study), but you will get to ask your questions and get quick answers from our teachers through comments on our online platform. You will be able to assess your progress yourself, get immediate automated feedback on your tests and exercises´ results. 

What are virtual courses at Speak Norsk?

Virtual classes are live lessons conducted on a regular weekly basis with our teachers on online platforms, for both grammar and conversation classes. Teachers will conduct the lessons as you were in a classroom, being able to ask questions on the spot, review, and learn on-going with other students in the virtual classroom.

Can I combine an online course with a virtual course?

Our best recommendation is to combine an online and virtual course to get the full classroom experience, attention from teachers, just as you would in a classroom-based lesson. It is our most-requested and popular option to learn Norwegian from the comfort of your home, as well as the best value of your investment in the course.

What is the difference between online courses and virtual courses?

The main difference between online and virtual courses is the level of interaction between students and teachers. 

  • Online course – pre-recorded videos and lessons
  • Virtual course – live lessons 

Who is the online course recommended for?

The online course is suitable for those who do not want to have a fixed schedule for classes and want to learn on their own time and availability. It is also recommended for those who want to practice and learn by themselves. 

Who is the virtual course recommended for?

The virtual course is preferred by students who need guidance and support from our teachers and prefer live interaction. Since virtual classes are held morning and evening, they are often chosen by those who would like to dedicate their time either before or after work to learn Norwegian with other students in our virtual classrooms.

How can I register for online or virtual classes?

To register for online classes at Speak Norsk, follow the link below to our website and choose the course you like:

Which level courses do you have or offer?

Speak Norsk offers all levels, from A1 to B2, both as an online course (pre-recorded) and as a virtual course (live weekly lessons with the teachers).

How much time does it take to complete a level?

It takes between 2 to 3 months to complete a level, depending on your daily/weekly schedule and how much time and effort you dedicate to learn. 

What’s included in one level?

Each level includes grammar, conversation, listening, pronunciation, and writing lessons and materials. You will get the full package!

When can I join the online course or virtual course? When can I start?

  • You can join the online course anytime, from anywhere!

Will someone correct my assignments?

  • In the online course, you will receive immediate feedback on everything you solve (exercises, quizzes, and tests)
  • In the virtual course, teachers will correct you and send you feedback on common written assignments.

What is the price of the online course?

Our prices start from 2999,- per month. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You will get access to the course for the number of months you purchase. When you register you can choose between monthly access or lifetime access (available for all courses). Check all options here:

Which level should I start with?

You can check your level in Norwegian here:

How many students are in the private virtual courses?

There are between 4 to 12 students per class.

I already registered for a classroom-based course at Speak Norsk. Can I exchange it for the online course?

Yes, you can exchange your classroom-based for the online course before starting it. If you have already started it, there will be a fee of 1500 kr to make a change to your course.

Do you have an online course for Norskprøve (A2-B1 and B1-B2) preparation?

Yes, check our Norskprøve courses here:

Which books and materials do you use?

We use Speak Norsk´s books in all our online, virtual, and classroom-based courses. All books are included in the price of the course.

What happens after I sign up? When can I get my course?

After you register for any of our online courses, you will get an email with instructions and will have access to your course instantly.