C1 Intensive
(Daytime, Evening Or Weekend)

Speak Norsk ́s C1 level courses consist of two parts, C1.1. and C1.2 and are specially designed for advanced users of the Norwegian language who would like to enrich their vocabulary, cultural understanding of the language, as well as their writing skills on an academic level.



 10999 NOK


3 months


Daytime, evening or weekend




All materials are included

Conversation and writing lessons


During each session, the teacher together with the class will debate, comment on and read multiple subject topics from Norway’s historical moments to current international news. Long, demanding texts will no more be a challenge, as the student will develop the ability and skill to recognise implicit meaning in them effortlessly.

  • understand a variety of texts with different subjects and with a different complexity range
  • express ideas and use the language in an academic environment
  • understand particular nuances of the Norwegian language and authentic word phrases, unknown to the beginner/intermediate student and usually used only by the Norwegian community
  • differentiate different Norwegian dialects, such as Bergen, Stavanger etc.
  • Students will become familiar with all the registers of the Norwegian language (formal, informal, familiar, slang) to cope with complex situations of communication both in writing and in oral settings.


One of the main purposes of the writing part of the C1 course is to study the morphology, syntax and aspects of complex phrases of the Norwegian language, in order to provide the students with the means to express themselves in an elevated register.

Besides class hours, students will produce multiple texts, such as essays, proposals, articles, reports, reviews and emails. This way, they will get familiar with producing clear, well-structured, detailed sentences, showing controlled use of connectors. Main outcome – students will gain a solid linguistic competence, using the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.


  • Incorporates an immersive study schedule that allows you to improve your level of Norwegian on an ongoing basis
  • Materials written exclusively by advanced Speak Norsk teachers, customized upon students ́necessities regarding cultural and professional integration in the Norwegian society
  • One of a kind encouraging and motivating atmosphere in class
  • Online follow up from your teacher
  • Qualitative lessons of conversation and writing taught by native Norwegian teachers
  • Free use of our school location outside course time to network and enjoy learning with fellow students between 13:00-17:00 Monday to Friday
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This Package includes all the below levels (Course dates can be flexible under certain conditions; you will be able to postpone your course schedule if early and proper notice is given in writing to Speak Norsk staff)


C1 intensive (both C1.1 and C1.2) Monday and Wednesday 9:00-13:00

Start and end dates

28th Oct-29th Jan 2020

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C1 intensive (both C1.1 and C1.2) Monday to Thursday 17:00-18:50

Start and end dates

28th Oct-30th Jan 

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C1 intensive (both C1.1 and C1.2) Saturday and Sunday 10:00-14:00

Start and end dates

2nd Nov-19th Jan

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I think the course is really good. One is motivated to speak and practice from the first day on. The themes in the lessons are taken from everyday life and you can start talking a little right away. All teachers are super good in their field and very motivated. I really like to come to class even when it’s Monday morning:) Thanks a lot!!


What I liked most about my experience at Speak Norsk was the nice structure of topics that allowed us to learn step by step. My teacher was very good, she always paid attention to each one and was always ready to help. The materials were very unique and interesting.

Supriya Telke

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