How to introduce yourself in Norwegian

The first steps in learning Norwegian are how to introduce yourself to others. This short guide will give you different examples of how to say “hi” and how to introduce yourself.

How to say “hi”

There are various ways of saying “hi” in Norwegian. If you live in Norway you will especially notice these ones:

Hei! [hæi] 

Most common way to say “hi”. Used in all situations.

Hei hei! 

Yes! You repeat “hei” two times! Maybe to be extra nice or when you see the cashier in shops.

Heisan! [hæi´san] 

Used more with friends. A bit informal. Also used as a surprised “hi”.

Hallo! [halo:´]

Often used when answering the phone. A bit more formal than “hei”.

God morgen! / God morn! 

Used when you meet someone early in the day.

God dag!

When you first meet someone during a day.

God kveld!

When you meet someone in the evening.

How to presentate yourself

Jeg heter (name) [jæi heter]

Used when you say your name. Literally translated as “I am called”. 

Jeg kommer fra (place) / Jeg er fra (place)

Used when you tell someone where you come from. 

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