Norskprøve A2-B1 preparation course

Norskprøve is the official Norwegian language test (written and oral) taken by expats that serves as a certification for their competences in the Norwegian language. The test is mainly used for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship in Norway, and can also be used as documentation of your Norwegian language skills to be presented to your employee.

Online: Complete Norskprøve A2-B1 preparation package

Online: Complete Norskprøve A2-B1 and B1-B2 preparation package (discounted)

Online: Norskprøve A2-B1 preparation course


The best Norwegian classes in town!! I started the viking course in January including all levels A1-C1 and I’m currently attending B1 level. The teachers and HR are professional, explain even the slightest detail and are eager to help! You can also choose between morning, evening and weekend courses depending on what suits you better. This is a school you won’t regret choosing! Value for money! I’m definitely passing the Bergentest when I’m done in June 💪😊 Thanks SpeakNorsk ❤The last but not the least thing I like about these meetings- that they are well-planned in terms of topics we are going to cover each time. So ‘bli med oss!’”

Mihaela Minkova

Before I came to Speak Norsk, I studied in two other institutes and I barely gained any progress, I doubted myself so much that I thought language is just not my thing. After having A1 with Idar, I was amazed that I could confidently talk in Norwegian, though very basic, and I could comprehend grammar in a systematic but straightforward way. After A1, I chose to continue to A2 with Speak Norsk and I am very grateful for having Suzanne and Dawan as my teachers, they are always patient, passionate and very knowledgeable, with them, I feel I am learning so much and gradually, I find back my interest in learning language! I would heartily recommend Speak Norsk to anyone who wants to learn Norwegian!

Huan Chen