Conversation Courses

WE’VE HEARD YOU! Speak Norsk’s best-selling conversation programs are back in response to high demand and are BETTER THAN EVER, with groups that are now organized by level, offered at a variety of times throughout the week and structured using original Speak Norsk content.

Come to see what your friends & colleagues have been talking about and join our fun & interactive sessions, guaranteed to boost your Norwegian speaking skills and confidence quickly and easily. Requiring each member’s consistent participation, these programs ensure that every Norwegian learner gains and uses new vocabulary across a broad variety of topics and relevant to their daily lives.

1 lesson hour = 45 min

Daytime Conversation

Evening Conversation

Weekend Conversation

Course description:

  • Session Introduction 5 minutes.
  • Topic Exploration – Reading and listening.
  • Group discussion.Q & A.
  • Coffee Break 5 minutes.
  • Speak Norsk Conversation book “Get to know me” for group conversation.
  • Language quiz & games, making the session very engaging and competitive. 

This course includes:

  • All Speak Norsk’s books and materials that will be given to you at the first session.
  • We will provide for you easy and high-quality methods via our exclusive Speak Norsk books and highly trained teachers and natives.
  • Accessible CENTRAL LOCATION 

All materials are included in the price and are given to you on the first day of your course.
If you miss a session because of traveling or sickness, it is not a problem. We can offer you a cover session when you come back.

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