Company Courses

Norwegian courses specially tailored for your company's needs!

Why company courses with Speak Norsk?

Norwegian skills are essential for getting ahead at work. Improving your business vocabulary and general knowledge of Norwegian will help you work more effectively and open up new career opportunities.

Speak Norsk offers qualitative Norwegian language courses for both private persons, as well as companies. Our well-known conversation classes, along with structured and effective grammar lessons, have ensured our status as Oslo ́s most frequently chosen companies ́ provider of Norwegian language training, with clients including ABB, AIZE, Elecnorm, Vipps, Telenor, Embassy of Peru, and Kahoot. We have an established team of Norwegian teachers who look forward to welcoming you into the Speak Norsk community and establishing a strong, long-term relationship with everyone motivated to learn!

We believe that motivation and hard work are the keys to success, whether it is business or learning a new language. Learning Norwegian can be a challenge and for that reason, Speak Norsk will ensure a smooth transition to fluency in Norwegian in a concise period of time for the entire team. Whether you are part of an IT corporation or are in the hotel/restaurant business, our team will tailor a course plan based on the participants’ current language skills, future needs and personal learning goals.

Our Trusted Partners and Collaborators:

Our offer includes:

High-quality instruction and experienced teachers

All Speak Norsk-written materials, books, teachers’ notes and tailor-made exercises (offered free of charge)

Extra focus on conversation classes (a priority in studying Norwegian as practicing conversations in Norwegian is what expats need MOSTLY)

Dynamic and comprehensive curriculum

Specialized workshops/classes in professional Norwegian business communication (including focuses on presentations, email writing and public speaking)​

Course outcomes

Deeper understanding of hosting culture and work etiquette

Effective communication between Norwegian-speaking clients and colleagues

Strengthen the competence of employees within a concise period of time so that they can follow the development and demands of the working life.

Continual assessment of participants for optimal results gaining

Development of technical vocabulary, needed on a daily-basis in your sector

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