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Welcome to Speak Norsk, where our dedicated team is fuelled by a singular mission – empowering expats to master the Norwegian language with fluency! Our enthusiasm for language-learning drives us to pioneer an innovative approach to teaching Norwegian in Norway. From the outset, our reputation has been built on:

At Speak Norsk, we believe language acquisition should be a dynamic and personalized journey, and we’re here to make your experience both enriching and enjoyable.

Join us as we redefine the way Norwegian is learned!

Founder Huzan in the Starbucks cafe in Oslo with students learning Norwegian together.

In the earlier stages, Huzan used in classes her own articles, which later contributed in the idea of having own-produced books. She wanted easily-explained and customised books to match the needs of students, especially in the conversational part of the Norwegian language. 

Fun fact: Huzan started Speak Norsk school due to the fact that the cafe could not fit as many students (+50 students at the time) that led to the first official opening of Speak Norsk’s location. Today at Speak Norsk school there are more than 12 classes happening at the same time in our modern location on Rådhusgata 26.

After the huge success of Speak Norsk’s courses, the team kept on growing and now, there are more than 35 passionates and ambitious colleagues and members of the Speak Norsk family. We pride ourselves in always delivering the most high quality courses, professional assistance to students and guidance in their social life here in Norway.


Huzan Raad Ali Speak Norsk

During the nascent phase of Speak Norsk, a discernible void within the market for proficient and interactive Norwegian language courses became apparent. Recognizing this opportunity, Huzan identified the need to assist her friends and professional peers grappling with the scarcity of tailored, conversation-centric learning avenues. Equipped with a robust educational background spanning IT, marketing, leadership, and private instruction, Huzan orchestrated the emergence of Speak Norsk. The initial incarnations manifested as intimate gatherings in local Oslo cafes, fostering an environment conducive to small group engagement.

In a remarkably brief span, Speak Norsk ascended to prominence, solidifying its status as one of Norway’s pre-eminent and contemporarily equipped educational institutions. This ascent was realized through the development of proprietary course materials and multimedia resources. 

The fruition of this distinctive approach is palpably evident in Speak Norsk’s current eminence and renown. This acclaim is substantiated by the notable accomplishments and advancements of its students, both within the confines of in-house instruction and across the expanse of globally accessible online courses.

Speak norsk

Leveraging her proficiency as a translator and interpreter across five languages, Nicoleta possesses an acute understanding of the nuances entailed in acquiring a new language and the potential challenges it entails. Her integration into our team was underpinned by a core objective: to enhance the learning journey for our valued students, making it both more accessible and efficient.

Nicoleta’s academic pursuits culminated in the attainment of her Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Pedagogy. Complementing this academic foundation, she has successfully completed a range of specialized courses spanning economics, law, and leadership. Her rich professional history encompasses roles within diverse international enterprises, contributing to her wealth of insights essential for the administration of a language school.

Guided by an unwavering dedication to seamless assimilation of our students into Norwegian society, Nicoleta has been an integral presence at Speak Norsk since its early stages. A cornerstone of her role lies in meticulously overseeing the quality assurance of every service and product dispensed by Speak Norsk, ensuring a warm and conducive learning environment.



Maria stands as an exemplar of unwavering dedication within our esteemed teaching cadre, adept at forging meaningful connections with her students founded upon mutual trust. Her multifaceted role encompasses leadership within our intermediate classes, encompassing standard group sessions, virtual instruction, and specialized courses tailored for IT corporations.

During the period of lockdown, Maria assumed a pivotal role as the principal instructor for our virtual classes. Moreover, she collaborates alongside Johannes in steering our dynamic YouTube channel, contributing to their resonance and relevance.

Her contribution extends further, as Maria actively participates as a writer for our exam preparation and grammar publications. Embracing an unconventional perspective, she champions the notion that grammar can indeed be an engaging pursuit, a conviction she ardently intends to substantiate.

Maria’s multi-dimensional engagement signifies her instrumental role in fostering a holistic learning environment at Speak Norsk, one where expertise, passion, and innovation converge.

Watch Maria’s videos here


Antje, our distinguished instructor, has garnered a prolific array of 5-star reviews, solidifying her position as a paragon of excellence within Speak Norsk. Her integration into our team was underscored by a profound aspiration: to foster a crystal-clear grasp of Norwegian pronunciation, while ensuring each learner’s trajectory remains firmly on course.

Antje’s journey is punctuated by a prolonged dedication to mastering Norwegian as a second language. Enriching her profile further is her varied experience from diverse private schools in Oslo, which endows her with an intricate comprehension of the prerequisites and demands inherent to achieving fluency in Norwegian.

Antje’s pedagogical prowess is a testament to her unique abilities, creating an educational milieu where lucidity, engagement, and progress harmoniously intertwine. Her revered presence epitomizes Speak Norsk’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional education.


Speak norsk

Kristine, our esteemed online instructor of paramount popularity, embodies a disposition characterized by optimism, motivation, and unwavering dedication. These attributes seamlessly resonate with the ethos cultivated within the dynamic sphere of Speak Norsk. Our workplace culture is deeply rooted in the values of excellence, resolute commitment, and fostering meaningful social connections.

Kristine’s professional trajectory is underscored by a wealth of experience within the realm of customer service, a background that converges harmoniously with her fervor for imparting the intricacies of her native language to eager learners. This synergy empowers her to nurture our students, emboldening them to embrace conversational fluency in Norwegian with newfound assurance.

Encounter Kristine in diverse settings—whether it be within the school premises or during our immersive online Norwegian courses. Her adept guidance promises to lead you towards a mastery of comprehension and flawless pronunciation. For further insights, we invite you to explore Kristine’s instructional videos on YouTube, a testament to her instructional prowess and dedication.

Watch more of Kristine´s videos on Youtube

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In the autumn of 2020, David embarked on his journey with Speak Norsk, coinciding with his pursuit of a second degree in European Languages at the University of Oslo. He has since furthered his academic pursuits by enrolling in a master’s program in linguistics, a testament to his unyielding dedication to the intricacies of language.

David’s fervor for languages is underscored by his ardent interest in semantics, syntax, and an insatiable curiosity for the underpinnings of grammatical theories. Presently, he imparts his expertise to our novice students through evening and weekend classes, fostering their foundational understanding of the Norwegian language.

Within our team, David has earned a reputation as an exemplar of responsibility and motivation, thereby inspiring confidence among his colleagues. His seamless integration of academic rigor and practical instruction epitomizes the ethos of Speak Norsk.

Speak norsk

Renowned for her indomitable positivity and innovative pedagogical approaches, Joana invariably infuses the learning journey at Speak Norsk with a distinct blend of memorable and delightful experiences. Presently, she undertakes the mantle of instructing both beginner and intermediate levels, extending her expertise to encompass our specialized corporate programs tailored for IT enterprises. In these capacities, Joana adeptly establishes a sturdy framework, equipping her students with the foundational prowess requisite for progression to more advanced tiers.

Joana’s educational odyssey culminated with the attainment of proficiency in Norwegian as a second language from the esteemed University of Oslo. She extends her considerable skills to the realm of beginner levels and orchestrates preparatory courses geared toward the Norskprøve examination.

Her multifaceted dedication manifests in an unwavering commitment to her students’ growth and accomplishment, rendering her a pivotal figure within the Speak Norsk community.

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Yvonne, a graduate of the University of Agder, stands adorned with a Bachelor’s degree in translation and intercultural communication, further enriched by the acquisition of a Master’s degree in linguistics.

Her academic voyage spanning six years has been remarkably defined by an unwavering focus on languages, with both Norwegian and English occupying pivotal roles. This dedication has been extended to the realms of communication and fostering cross-cultural interactions. The culmination of these endeavors has led Yvonne to seamlessly integrate into Speak Norsk’s multicultural cadre of colleagues, facilitating the education of students hailing from diverse corners of the world.

Yvonne’s sentiments echo her commitment to her craft: “From my earliest academic years, both Norwegian and English have stood as my subjects of choice, thus crystallizing my academic path. Norwegian grammar and spelling, in particular, have been a constant fascination. Now, as a member of the Speak Norsk team, I am elated to share my ardor and expertise with individuals eager to learn. In reciprocity, I am enriched by imbibing insights into their distinct cultures. My innate sociability finds gratification in the role of a conversation and grammar instructor, a pursuit that I wholeheartedly relish.”

portretter, lærere

Engaged in the tutelage of our students at both beginner and intermediate levels, Vilde characterizes her tenure at Speak Norsk as an immensely fulfilling and purposeful endeavor. In her instructional role, she facilitates the establishment of a robust grammatical framework while guiding students in the art of effective self-expression in Norwegian. Her dedication extends beyond curriculum delivery to ensuring every student attains comprehension and a sense of ease within the learning environment.

Vilde’s counsel to her students centers on the integration of Norwegian into their daily routines, advocating for activities such as movie viewing and podcast listening. She underscores the cumulative impact of seemingly minor actions on the attainment of substantial linguistic progress.

A graduate of Norwegian literature and languages from Bergen, Vilde is positioned to harness her academic prowess and instructional prowess. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of more students to her classes, she embraces the opportunity to impart her expertise and elevate their language acquisition journey.


Ingrid’s inherent passion for pedagogy is evident in her unwavering enthusiasm to impart her proficiency in Norwegian to her students. Her genuine passion for languages, coupled with an innate curiosity about diverse cultures and linguistic intricacies, fuels her commitment to fostering a globalized classroom environment.

Recognizing the individualized nature of learning trajectories, Ingrid is attuned to the unique pace at which each student absorbs and assimilates knowledge. Her pedagogical approach prioritizes cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity and comfort, wherein learners are encouraged to embrace errors as valuable stepping stones towards mastery.

We invite you to engage with Ingrid within our engaging A2 to B2 levels, both in grammar conversation classes, where her expertise and passion converge to create an enriching learning experience.


Jesper is a graduate of the University of South-Eastern Norway, having earned a degree in the field of teaching education. Concurrently, he is pursuing a master’s program within the same discipline at Oslo Metropolitan University. Throughout his academic journey, Norwegian language acquisition has constituted his primary focus. Jesper recognizes the pivotal role language plays in facilitating successful integration into Norwegian society, underscoring its fundamental importance for progress and societal inclusion.

Jesper’s commitment to this ethos materializes within our classrooms in Oslo, where he adeptly imparts his expertise to students at both beginner and intermediate levels, as well as in private tutoring for students outside Oslo. His pedagogical prowess and dedication contribute to fostering an environment conducive to effective language acquisition and cultural assimilation.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.12.07

Currently pursuing a lecturer degree in cultural and social studies at the University of Oslo, Emma’s academic journey aligns seamlessly with the intricacies of teaching Norwegian.

Her educational background provides her with a robust foundation in language structure, grammar, and phonetics. Her pedagogical skills were also gained through practical experience starting autumn 2022, while working for several Norwegian schools in Oslo.

Emma’s commitment to language education extends beyond the classrooms. She holds as well a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology, providing her with a unique perspective on various cultures.

With a strong focus on creating engagement and fostering a deep appreciation for the Norwegian language, she aims to deliver high-quality language teaching in both beginner and advanced levels.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 12.21.00

Bringing over a decade of expertise, Egil has dedicated the past ten years to the dynamic world of adult education, specializing in visual arts through evening and weekend courses. Consistently earning exceptional feedback, his teaching philosophy revolves around structure, creativity, patience, and a strong commitment to learning.

His profound understanding of Norwegian grammar is complemented by his fluency in French and Portuguese. This first-hand experience in mastering new languages enhances his ability to guide students through the intricate processes of language acquisition.

Eigil´s commitment to student success extends internationally, having worked in London, providing him with a diverse perspective that enriches his teaching approach. He also used to organize weekly language cafés, facilitating a space for expat friends to practice speaking Norwegian and expand their vocabulary.

cv_bildet (1)

Meet Iulia – currently teaching A1 and A2 level at Speak Norsk!

Her fascination with Norway extends beyond language; it encompasses the rich culture and the essence of Norwegian life. She is an active contributor to student organizations dedicated to fostering inclusion in Norwegian society, and is currently teaching her students both grammar and conversation in the weekends. She aims to create a secure and supportive learning environment for each class. Likewise, she believes it’s essential for students to feel safe, make mistakes, and actively engage in class discussions. Her approach involves adapting teaching materials based on individual and group needs, ensuring each student benefits optimally from the learning process.

Beyond teaching in a classroom setting, Iulia used to work as a private tutor, witnessing students progress first-hand.

IMG_3755 (1)

Julia has always had a passion for languages, and that has driven her to pursue a career as a Norwegian language teacher. Currently, she is undertaking a Practical Pedagogical Education degree at NTNU, with a focus on Norwegian as a second language.

Fluent in 5 languages herself, she understands the nuances of language learning and the joy it brings. Her teaching philosophy revolves around making language learning an enjoyable experience tailored to individual needs.

Previously, she has worked with teaching English, Swedish and Norwegian. Her experience with several languages enhanced her adaptability, creativity, and ability to connect with individuals from varied linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Julia is eager to contribute her language teaching skills to Speak Norsk and is excited about the opportunity to further develop as a teacher while assisting others on their language-learning journey.

Kristina Skoric

With a passion for language education, Kristina has gathered a wide experience in the educational field since 2014, teaching in different schools in Oslo. Her educational background includes a degree in Norwegian as a second language from the University of Oslo. Kristina continuously hones her expertise through numerous courses, ensuring her teaching remains dynamic and effective.Currently, Kristina dedicates her skills to teaching all levels at Speak Norsk, specializing in guiding beginners and intermediate learners through their linguistic journey. Her commitment extends beyond the conventional as she offers lessons in the evening and weekend schedules, accommodating the diverse needs of her students.

Jonah Mae Delos Santos

Meet Jonah, a dedicated educator with a passion for history and language teaching. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in history at UiO (University of Oslo) and complementing it with Practical-Pedagogical Education (PPU).

With over two years of experience as a language teacher at Speak Norsk, Jonah has been sharing her teaching skills while instructing students across all levels, from A1 to B2. Her commitment to student growth and development shines through her teaching approach, making learning not just informative, but also engaging and enjoyable.


Yelena has been a dedicated Norwegian teacher at Speak Norsk since 2022. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nordic Languages, Literature, and Culture from Sorbonne Université, Paris and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Nordic Linguistics at University of Oslo.

Currently teaching beginner levels in the evening schedules,  Yelena is known for her engaging teaching style and ability to create a supportive learning environment for her students. 

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