10 steps on how to improve your norwegian learning

Learning a new language is a process. For most people it requires a lot of effort, time and energy. It will be challenging and it’s normal to be frustrated at times. At the same time, it will also be fun, interesting and enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to improve your Norwegian learning and have fun at the same time!

1. Join a Norwegian course at Speak Norsk school 🙂

Joining a Norwegian course will help you understand the foundation of the language deeper and better! You will get to learn the language in a social and fun context. Our teachers want our students to have a great time in our classes and we are especially interested in making Norwegian teaching both fun and interesting. Join one of our courses here!

2. Memorizing new words and building a vocabulary

There are many tricks and tips on how to memorize new vocabulary. One tip is simply to write down new words when you encounter them. Look at your new words before you go to bed. Another tip is to hang up post-it notes in your house on different objects, and remove them when you know them. Don´t forget the article for the nouns! The apps memrise or duolingo can also be useful if you don’t want your home to look too funky.

3. Read children's books in Norwegian

If you start reading children’s books you will notice how fast you pick up on new words and sentences. It’s an easy way to increase your vocabulary, grammar and understanding. You can find them at the local library or for free online at Nasjonalbiblioteket. 

4. Change to Norwegian language your social media accounts

It might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but it’s simple and doesn’t require a lot. Small changes in your daily life like this one are a practical way to learn new words and expressions.

5. Watch Norwegian movies or tv-shows

Check out what Norwegian tv shows or movies you can find on Netflix or HBO. NRK.no also offers a lot of Norwegian TV for free if you live in Norway. Dplay is another platform you can check out. Another tip is to add Norwegian subtitles to your favorite movies! 

6. Listen to Norwegian music

This is a way to learn Norwegian while you do other things. Whether it’s doing dishes, exercising or driving your car, listening to music is a good way to both learn a language and have a great time. Check out Spotify lists: “Norske favoritter”, “Norske klassikere” and “Norske hits”.

7. Read the news in “easy Norwegian”

Pages like utrop.no and klartale.no offer you the latest news in a more simple and understandable way. They also offer recorded audio of texts. 


8. Ask a Norwegian friend to speak Norwegian with you

Having a person to talk to and practise your pronunciation and vocabulary outside the classroom will help you a lot in improving your Norwegian. Start by asking a friend or a colleague to only speak Norwegian for ten minutes. Next time you will be able to speak and understand more!  Soon enough, you will be able to have a full-on conversation.

9. Listen to a Norwegian podcast or an audiobook

Audiobooks can be found at your local library or by using apps like storytel or fabel. The podcast norskpodden is also a good option for learning more Norwegian.

10. Use Norwegian in public and make mistakes!

A way to practice your vocabulary is to speak Norwegian only in public spaces, where you could be answered back in Norwegian and maybe corrected at the same time. For example,  at the grocery store or at the restaurant when placing an order. Taking small steps and not being afraid of making mistakes is important. 

Lykke til!